Compassionate Hands By Paula

Photo Credit: Matthew C Brown

Paula Clagon, is a California State Certified Massage Therapist. She has hands on experience working with a variety of and healing techniques.  She enjoys delivering relaxing massages with special concern for those clients categorized as “untouchables”. Those would be elderly and medically frail clients.

Paula tirelessly pursues new techniques and further education. Her certificates include; Oncology Massage, Chemo Touch Massage, Swedish Massage, Level 1 Cupping, AromaTouch and Reflexology.

Paula believes in helping others, and  looks for opportunities that align with her goals and values. She plans to own and operate her own facility that will expand to include; health & wellness and the Arts, with a strong focus on helping the aging community.

When not learning the latest massage technique, researching new health studies, or running her busy practice, Paula enjoys spending time with friends & family, blogging, photography, traveling, cooking and yoga.